Mahjong Mobile on Ipod Touch

Have been looking for a nice Japanese mahjong app for my IPod to my surprise there were actually quite a few available, most of which had a free trial version available as well. Decided to try a few of them and write down my experience.

My only requirements was it was a variation of Japanese Mahjong.

The first in line is Mahjong Mobile. At a first glance the tiles looked kind of unusual strange but they were easily identifiable. A quick glance in the options page exposed a choice of traditional tiles. Having played through a single hand I was a bit surprised by the hand names.  E.g. a “Dirty one suiter” for “Hon-Itsu”. I know these term are being used but personally I prefer the Japanese names. There is an option for displaying the Japanese names but it is in Japanese characters.  I would have preferred a English display of Japanese names. The actual game play was very nice and the game does offer an excellent overview of the table. The paid version of the game offers a statistics page of your game play. Which although not necessary for the passing time, is quite nice for your ego. An overtime statistics would have been nice, but again its just a nice to have feature.

Mahjong Mobile Screenshot with Traditional Mahjong Tiles

"Traditional Mahjong Tiles"

Mahjong Mobile Screenshot

Screenshot "Western Tiles"